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How To Pass The Time When Waiting For Your Flight At Washington DC Airports

How To Pass The Time When Waiting For Your Flight At Washington DC Airports

One of the hardest parts of traveling by plane is dealing with all of the time that you have to spend at the airport. Even if you don’t have a long layover, you still have to arrive well in advance of your flight to make it through security in time. Once you get through security, you may find yourself with a lot of time to kill before your plane actually takes off. Luckily, there are plenty of great ways that you can keep yourself entertained at Washington DC airports.

One of the first options is to check out the many gift shops that are available. Most major airports have a lot of different stores that you can browse. Some of the shops are relatively boring, containing little more than magazines and snacks. Others, however, have much more interesting items to look at. For instance, some shops have artwork or handmade crafts created by artisans in the Washington DC area. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, browsing what is available in some of the shops can be a great way to stay occupied.

Most airports also have traveling art exhibits on display. Depending on the exhibit, these can include everything from paintings to sculptures. You may have to walk around the airport for a little bit before you find one of these exhibits. However, it is usually well worth the effort. Don’t forget to look up, as well since many exhibits include sculptures that are mounted overhead. If you love art, there is no better way to spend time while waiting for your flight.

Another option is to grab a bite to eat or to get a drink at one of the many restaurants or bars that are available. Just make sure that you place your order well in advance of your departure time so that you have enough time to get your food and eat your meal before your flight takes off. If you are going to be consuming alcoholic beverages, be sure to limit yourself to one or two drinks. If you go overboard and become intoxicated, you may not be allowed on your flight.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on how to pass the time at Washington DC airports. There are a lot of great ways to keep from getting bored. If all else fails, you should consider bringing along a book so that you can spend your time reading until you depart.